September, 2012

So Close Yet So Far…


This is what today feels like…

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Outfit a Day – Guest Submission!



“Necklace – Francesco’s, it has an anchor on it
T-shirt – two cheapy H&M Tees. I double them up to make one thick tee. Ghetto, but every time I do it everyone asks me where I got my nice, THICK tee.
Jeans – J-Brand High Waisted Flare – can’t remember the style name, sorry
Belt – You found it at that vintage shop in Chicago
Shoes – Dolce Vita

 So, I was trying to demo how flare-y my jeans are and then realized that it was a bit ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ So then I did a Charlie’s Angels shot, which I really messed up (I’m really not good at taking photos of myself in a mirror) and Natasha totally photo-bombed me.


Also my hair is shit today. I did a “messy pony.” In other words, “No time to shower.” “

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I’m Sorry…

…I’ve been so distant lately.  My world is exploding at work.  Here is a present to ask for your forgiveness:

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Shoebox Vintage Fall Sale! BLAPPITY BLAP!

Alright.  Time to get your fall wardrobe filled out.   Almost the whole summer has gone by with no sale, and I know you’re thinking,

 “Natalie – WTF?  I thought we were pals.”  And so now, I’m like,

“Simmer down.  We’re having a sale this Saturday.”  And you’re all like,

“About frigging time.”

You too can be as happy-go-lucky as Sarah in 100% Shoebox Vintage.  Just saying.

Yes.  It’s true.  Mega-Hyper-Explosion-Super-Duper Fall Sale is occuring this Saturday.  I was looking through my closet yesterday to try to pull some things out that I haven’t worn in a while (or haven’t worn EVER, with the PRICES still attached because I am a crazy person who has a disease), and I was all like,

“Holy balls we’ll have so much stuff to sell.”

So seriously.  You should get your bunsicle in gear and make it down here.  Prices so low you’ll think we’ve gone cray-cray.  Here are the details:

WHAT: A vintage and pre-owned clothing sale
WHEN: Saturday, September 15
TIME: 11 – 5
WHERE: 102 Bellwoods Ave (east of Trinity Bellwoods, between Queen W and Dundas)

Please bring cash. 


WHAT will we be selling?

  • Oh, you know… amazing vintage numbers from both high-end designers like PRADA, MISSONI, YVES SAINT LAURENT, CHRISTIAN DIOR… you know, NO BIG DEAL.
  • Cool, more laid-back vintagey stuff from Levi’s, Pendleton, Wrangler, etc….
  • Leather jackets, leather skirts, jeans, silky dresses, maxi skirts, mini skirts, wicked-cool plaid, jackets and coats, boots, shoes… basically any kind of clothing that exists, we’ll be selling version of it.
  • Pre-owned clothing from brands like Bench, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Aritzia, Zara, J Brand, Madewell, J Crew, Urban Outfitters, etc., etc.

STILL not enough reason to come?  You are a tough sell, woman.  Prices will be LOW LOW LOW.  Lower than Britney Spears’ self-esteem.  Lower than Christina Aguilera’s jeans in the “Genie in a Bottle” video.  Lower than… well… you get the picture.

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TIFF 2012 – Expectation vs. Reality

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Outfit a Day – Guest Submission!

WHOOT WHOOT first guest submission honours go to Jamie, who seems pretty adorable/awesome.   I especially like that she purchased some of her outfit at Dufferin Mall, mostly because I’m fascinated she made it in and out of that juicy-sweatpantted death-trap alive.  I think the photos I posted below were her “outtakes”, but I thought they were adorable, so here they are!

 “so here’s the thing about being a guest post-er in an outfit a day blog feature:

  1. you have to be funny. (fuck). 
  2. you have to take photos of yourself. which often end in ‘outtakes’
  3. you have to depend on your blackberry to do the work of making your ‘i haven’t slept for 3 days, and this outfit was basically the only thing i could see this morning in my closet’ look ‘yes i DID just come 4th on the best dressed list and will DEFINITELY wear your clothes for the rest of the year joseph mimran!’ and it’s a blackberry. so there’s that. 
  4. you are (i am) a procrastinator. which doesn’t bode well for having good outfits all week, and then remembering on thursday that you meant to take photos. 
nevertheless, this little ditty is a combo of a $4 skirt, a $6 shirt, $11 shoes and a homemade necklace. so try that on for size (clothing puns).
and here’s an interesting fact – as the cheapest person alive, i shopped at not one, but TWO discount malls to bring this outfit to you. the dufferin mall (gem), and the dixie value mall (perfection). i’m both proud and ashamed. 
and yes. i am in a bathroom.
Do YOU want to be the next submission?  Just send a selfie and a short, witty, effervescent write-up to  I’ll even link to your blog/website/what-have-you, if that’s your thing…

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Long Weekendly Things

  1. Friday night I got drunk by myself and watched “This Movie is Broken“, which is actually pretty awesome, except for the end where things kind of don’t make sense.  DO they get together?  DOES that guy do the deed with that other guy, or do they just make-out nude?  Ah, the mysteries of life.
  2. Because I got drunk by myself I felt the need to take a “Sneaky Selfie”.   My eyeball looks all deform-y.
  3. Heel Boy still has a bunch of summer stuff on sale and I saw these HA-UGE platforms from Dolce Vita on sale for $60 from $250.  Suede?  Browny-poo colour?  Perfect fall-transition shoe, I say.
  4. On Saturday I spent LOTS of time listening to records while wearing my favourite boots in the dark drinking beer…
  5. …here is my view up after I drank three beers and laid down on the carpet like a bum.
  6. I also met Lauren for beers at Rhino and wore my wonderfully fantastical new hat.  I am so pretentious with my hipster Indiana Jones hat, and yet, I care none.
  7. Saturday night.  More beers at Grand Electric, where I gorged myself….
  8. …but not so much that I couldn’t stuff my face with Honey Nut Cheerios, which I did when I arrived at home.
  9. Speaking of food, dinner on Sunday was Morroccan Lamb Stew with apricots and sweet potatoes.  JEALOUS MUCH?
  10. Holiday Monday I took Molly to TB.
  11. Here she is begging for treats in front of Clafouti.
  12. Here she is sniffing the butt of a huge dog.

That is all.

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September 5, 2012

Remember these?  The poo-green pants that didn’t fit me?  Well, I’ve been working hard to minimize the number of croissants I stuff into my pie-hole and have managed to lose a bit of weight, so now I can heave them over my arse somehow.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE POO GREEN?

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Outfit a Day – SUBMISSIONS!


Although I am pretty self-absorbed, I’m starting to feel a *little* uncomfortable just posting picture after picture of myself every day.  I mean, it makes me feel as if I think I am cool/pretty/fashionable, and it makes it seem like I’m trying to tell YOU guys that I think I’m cool/pretty/fashionable, when the truth is, you guys are all cooler/prettier/more fashionable than I am.  Let’s be honest here.

So Pam gave me the idea to do an “Outfit a Day Guest Submission” every Friday.  HOORAY FOR YOU!  That means you will get to show everyone how cool/pretty/fashionable you are, AND BE ON THE INTERWEBS like a celebrity.

It’s easy.  Here’s what you have to do.

  1. Put together an outfit that you wouldn’t be embarrassed for people to see you in;
  2. Take a picture of it (PLEASE NO MONSTER-SIZED PHOTOS);
  3. Write something about it;
  4. Send it to me via

Will I get any submissions?  Only time will tell.

Well, you’ll be able to tell if I don’t post one on Friday.

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September 4, 2012

BAAAH HA HA HA HA first day of school for all you students.  I don’t have to go so school.  I just have to work every day all day at longer hours with no summer for the rest of my life.  BURN!

Anyways – Joe Fresh patterned silk top be killin’ it with my weirdo orange beady necklace that I’m *pretty* sure I bought at like Smart Set in 1997.

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