November, 2011

November 30, 2011

Better, Natalie, better.

Check this shit out:

That shit’s fucking scandalous.

Check that shit out:

Perfect. Damn. Floppy. Bow.

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Baby Boom




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November 29, 2011

Yes.  I didn’t post my outfit yesterday.  I am FAILING miserably with my outfits lately, and yesterday I was a coward and was so disappointed in myself that I chose to avoid you and not post a picture.

Which is horrible, because the very POINT of this exercise is to force me to actually try every day and not to SUCK at putting an outfit together.  If I fail (as I did yesterday), then the whole world will see, and this will provide motivation to NOT fail.  So NOT taking the picture is just cheating.

LIKE TODAY.  Today I FAILED.  Look at these pants.  They are AWFUL.  What prompted me to put them on?  Brain-failure.  Brain-failure is the only comprehensible answer.  And this SHIRT??  Notice that the breast-pockets and buttons are like, RIGHT over my chest, so with the high pants it looks like I have big-ass thighs with a short-ass torso and friggen tit-magnifiers.  And, the entire ensemble is the colour of baby-poo-vomit-spit.  WHY DO I DO THIS????

I’m actually sitting in my office with the door closed because I don’t want to face anyone while wearing this monstrosity.  I have only left my office to sprint to the bathroom and take this picture.

Also, this morning I tried to put on a sweater that I bought in size XXS for some brain-failurey reason.  The sleeves were so tight that while I aggressively pulled the sleeve part over my (apparently) “Pete-Sampras-sized” forearm, my hand slipped and I punched myself in the face.  And I got a bloody lip.


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Sneak Peeks

I’m having a housewarming party this weekend and am going “crazy-bitch-ape-shit” trying to get my place all put together.  As you know, I have a bit of the perfectionist in me (well… it’s a toss up between the “perfectionist” and the “I WANT IT RIGHT NOW-ist”…), so I’m really, really itching to get all my projects and what-not completed for the glorious house-showing-booze-fest I have planned.

Mostly, I’m just worried that I’m such a huge loser that my housewarming is the only time that anyone will ever come to my house, so it has to look good.  Just this one time.

ANYways.  Here are some sneak peeks at some projects I’m working on… you’ll have to wait until the weekend for the big reveal!!

Here is Molly, looking at me while lying on my chest after my weekend whirlwind of errands and construction and cutting and nailing.  She’s thinking “Oh Mommy, you so crazy…”

Here she is seconds later, thinking… “But I love you…”


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Real Fuckin’ Talk

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November 25, 2011

Yes, I didn’t post my outfit yesterday.

In truth, I was embarrased.  Essentially, I was going to be videotaped for some system launch training thing, and I had to wear blue and orange, because those are the branding colours of the system launch, and my outfit was horrible. 

Like, I barfed into my mouth a little when I looked in the mirror at work.

Anyways, today is more acceptable.  Sigh. Poppy red.  You are my saviour.

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Is it all fancy?

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Re-Cording Artist

Sooooooooooooooooooo through my epic and obsessive search for vintage, gorgeous, and cheap vintage mid-century furniture, I have been able to glean some knowledge about old stuff.  You know, which old stuff is valuable old stuff, and which old stuff is just old junk.

Granted, I’m at the infantile, pre-birth, fetus stage of knowledge, but I’ll admit that I’m feeling super-smart lately.  Mostly because I seem to be able to pick things out that “appear” to be “somewhat” “stylish” and “expensive”… without really knowing for sure that they are.

FOR EXAMPLE… In one of my HUNDREDS of trips to my local Goodwill (if you’ve ever hung out at the Goodwill/Value Village, you’ll notice that there is this hoarde of “antiquers” or “re-sellers” that like, THERE ALL THE TIME, and they know all the workers names, and they’re all like pals, and like “Hey Bubbles!  How’s your sick brother’s boil?”  I am slowly starting to become one of those people…anyways…)… I came across this chair:

So, at first you’re like – THAT IS ONE FUCKING UGLY CHAIR.  And at first I thought that, too.  But then I started looking at it.

  • It has a low stance seat, similar to many mid-century fancy chairs
  • The frame is solid wood… looks to be teak or walnut, the main wood choices in the 60’s and 70’s
  • That cording across the seat… I know I’ve seen something like that before
  • Check out those sweeping, curved legs… they look pretty fancy…
  • And see the detail on the side-seat?  Where there is a slit cut into the wood to allow the cording to go through?  Seems pretty intricate…

It was priced at $40.00.  I tracked down the Manager (who knows me now), and negotiated him down to $20.00.  And bought it.

So then I looked around on the internetts…

And found this:

Yeah… scroll down to #3.  LOOK FAMILIAR???

That is a Wegner folding rope chair, model 512.  See the cording?  The curved legs and low stance?  The slit cut into the side of the chair?  Even that rhombus-y shaped curvy strut thing on the bottom of the chair is EXACTLY the same as mine.

In case you didn’t see in that link above, the Wegner folding rope chair has sold for ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Ok. So.

Let’s be clear here. 

My chair is NOT an authentic Wegner.  It is a replica.


I’m awesome.

The main problem now is that I have to replace the cording on pretty much the entire chair…

Using my stellar research skills, I managed to find a few Toronto-based companies that specialize in re-cording chairs, including those that use danish cord (which is what I learned my chair was made out of).  BUT.  I think it’s going to be expensive (one website quoted it at $750.00.  Fuck that shit.).

Soooooooooooo I may try re-cording the chair myself.

Do you think I can do it?

I fucking think so.

Stay tuned.

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Buy These For Me

Seriously.  I fuggin want them.  I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of gift-related holiday coming up.

You can buy all prints online at Pop Chart Lab, straight outta Brooklyn.

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November 23, 2011

We get two extra casual days this week because my office raised half a million dollars for the United Way.  That is good.  But…

DID I MENTION I HATE CASUAL DAY?  Damn work.  OH YEAH, it’s casual day.  But you can’t wear anything THAT casual.  And you can’t wear anything THAT trendy.  And your jeans need to be, like, from Reitmans.  AND, everything has to be like pressed and fancy-looking.  So basically, you have to dress like your mom from 5 years ago.  FUCK.

Also, did I mention that my “skinny cargo pants” have a thigh-pocket?  Yeah, in case you couldn’t tell, there is a thigh pocket.  Right on the side of my thighs. My whaley, whaley thighs.

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