September, 2011

September 29, 2011

Decided to be all sleek and sexy today.  Tight bun, sleek skirt, power-shoulders, and one of my favorite vintage necklaces… this Cleopatra-y gold collar.

Don’t mess with me and my gold collar, or I’m going to get all Wonder Woman up on yo’ ass.

Lynda Carter wonder woman by aspettakriss

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September 28, 2011

After yesterday’s grey, black, and bleeeech episode, I decided to go nuts with the colour today. 

AND I LOVE IT.  I’ve had several people comment on my wonderful electric blue aura.  Although I’m starting to have second thoughts about the grey booties.  They kind of look like cheap “urban behaviour”-type slut heels…

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September 27, 2011

This is my paltry attempt to mix up patterns.  A tweedy-plaid blazer, a striped tank, and a zebra-print scarf.  I guess I figured that the common “black white and grey” colour palette would keep things consistent, while the pattern-mix-explosion would be all exciting.

Instead, I just look all drab and mis-matched.  How come every time I try to mix patterns I feel like I look like I am a crazy cat woman???

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What Could it Be?




Vintage Pendleton Hat!

I bought this on a whim like 2 weeks back because it was:

  1. A size “Large” and I have a head the size of a silverback gorilla;
  2. It was like, $10.00; and
  3. It’s a fucking vintage Pendleton hat.

This was one of those situations where I was pleasantly surprised with my impulsiveness… the hat was much nicer than I thought it would be.  But now the real test… will it fit on my gorilla-head?

Yes.  Yes it will.

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And It Begins.


One of the BEST parts about moving is that I have an excuse to completely and totally re-decorate from the ground up.  Like many people I’m sure, I was forced to furnish my place almost exclusively in Ikea particle-board shite-balls brand for the last 5 years, mosly due to:

  1. Poorness.  I am not a rich person.  I do not get my furnishings financed from my parents, like all the spoiled bitches I see in Anthropologie the week before University, buying $375.00 frothy duvet covers and patterned bedskirts with fucking handmade fringe from tribes in Mongolia on them.  I have to buy shit myself with the money that I make myself at my job. So Ikea is a good option.
  2. Laziness.  Dude, say what you will about Ikea, but it has a fucking brilliant business model.  You can buy EVERYTHING there.  And it has something for EVERY style of house and EVERY funky-ass room measurement that exists on Earth.  So, it’s pretty easy to just buy everything from there.

Just to clarify… I am probably just as poor and lazy as ever.  However, now that I am completely obsessed with antiquing and vintage-digging, I am VERY excited to furnish my entire house in vintage furniture.

And I mean ENTIRELY.  I have sold or Goodwilled the following pieces of furniture prior to my move:

  • Couch
  • Nightstands
  • Full-Wall Bookshelf
  • Bedframe
  • Desk Chairs
  • A bunch of mismatched bone-china plates.  I haven’t listed these yet, but if you want them, tell me and they’re yours.

I am also getting rid of my box spring.  Seriously, what the fuck is a box spring for?  Does it have an actual functional purpose?   How is it different than a fucking mattress-sized slab of ten dollar wood?  I’ve had this conversation with like 20 people in the last month, and nobody seems to know what the fuck it is for. 

Incidentally, if you want my fabulous box spring, it could be yours.

This means that I am currently watching TV by sitting cross-legged on the floor, eating dinner off of a margarine lid while surrounded by stacks of books.  BUT IT’S WORTH IT.  Because now, all I have to bring over to my new place is my table, my teak tinted glass vintage credenza, and my vintage teak coffee table.  Which means my move will be super-easy.

It ALSO means that I get to replace ALL THAT SHIZZ with either fancy new stuff, or vintage-sourced wicked-cool stuff.  The first thing that I wanted to get was a low, long, mid-century teak dresser for the bedroom… which led to some good news and some bad news…

The GOOD news is that I knew exactly what I wanted because I’m super specific and anal about that shizz.

The BAD news is that what I wanted is typically sold for a large amount of money

The good news is that I’m really good at craigslist.

The bad news is that craigslist can be sneaky.

The good news is that I am also super-sneaky.

The trick is that you have to try and find an ad from someone who can’t really describe things well (so it doesn’t show up for other people when they search, so they can’t snatch it up), or someone who doesn’t really know the potential of the item they are selling.

I found someone who didn’t know the potential of what they were selling.  This was the picture from the ad, entitled “Dresser – Walnut Coloured”:

All fuzzy, you can’t really see too much, and the description was really, really vague.  BUT… can you see the tapered legs?  The molded handles?  The long, low-profile, mid-century style?

So I took a gamble, rented a zipcar, and went to go pick it up.  The mirror attached was vile.  There was some damage on the top.  There were horrible, after-market castor-wheels tacked onto the legs. But you could tell she was gorgeous.

I got it for $50.00.  FIFTY DOLLARS.  That’s not even enough for a PAX drawer-insert at Ikea.

Took it to the new place, got rid of the mirror, chucked the horrible castors… and I plan on re-finishing it next week.  But even before a sand, stain, and varnish… tell me she doesn’t already look BEAUTIFUL:

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September 26, 2011

Red.  Really, really red.

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September 23, 2011

So, this picture does not do this outfit justice.  It is magical.  So Stevie Nicks, yet so Natalie, too.  I mean, come on.  Pink vest?  Russet-y brown silk puffy top?  TYE-DYE PASTEL SCARF? 

Thank god this week of “serious businessy shite” is over so that I can start being rebellious again.

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Bad Samaritans

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September 22, 2011

Last day of summer.  I felt the need to wear something really summery to squeeze the last bit of juice out of the summer fruit :(.  So I decided to wear this mint green vintage lightweight wool dress.  I got it for 6 bucks and Value Village this weekend.  So Mad Men!  Don’t I look spiffy?

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For those of you who know me (and who are able to spell above a 7th grade level), you’ll be able to identify why this email made me SO MAD that I think one of the veins in my brain popped.

No?  You can’t see it?  Then you need to go back to fucking GRADE SEVEN and learn how the fucking ENGLISH LANGUAGE works.

Am I taking crazy pills?  WHAT THE FUCK!

  1. Doesn’t anyone READ over their emails before sending it out to HUNDREDS of people?
  2. Don’t most jobs that involve WRITING COMMUNICATION to HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE require basic English language skills as a component of hiring?
  3. Am I crazy or is this happening more and more and more?  This fucking “apostrophe on plurals” thing is out of control.  I notice a mistake at least once a day.  WHAT IS GOING ON??!!  APOSTROPHES ARE ONLY FOR CONTRACTIONS OR TO INDICATE POSSESSION

I actually responded to Teambuy and told them to get their FUCKING GRAMMAR SHIT TOGETHER.  I do not expect a reply.


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