August, 2011


Hooray for beautiful weather and adorable puppies and delicious clothing sales!  We were lucky enough to get numerous visits from some of the best people and CUTEST dogs (the people were cute, too, actually). 

Look at this adorable guy with his willie all hangin’ out:

Hooray for ladyfriends!


Double Frenchie tongues 🙂

Stop talkin’ and START SHOPPING, ladies!

Ugh, SO sad to look at this line of gorgeous, summery shirts and realize that summer MAY be soon drawing to a close… les meeeeeeeehs.

It’s ALSO so sad that we have amassed SO MUCH INVENTORY over the last two years, that we now have a “sale” rack.  It was filled with some AMAZING stuff, it was just stuff that people would try on, ponder… put on hold… then never come back for.  We need room for NEW stuff, so we put this rack on for 50% off.

You’ll notice my pretty amateur and simple “SALE” sign on the rack… nothing fancy, but at least centered, and gets the point across…

I was also making a sign for our bin of “scarves”… you would think that a fairly intelligent, graphically adept girl would be able to write the word “SCARVES” on a piece of paper without it looking like a chicken took a shit in the middle of the page.  You’d THINK that.  Here is attempt #1:

Horribly ugly and off center.  Here is attempt #2:

Even uglier.  Here is attempt #3:

Words are still horribly unbalanced, AND ugly, AND I thought I would be all artist-y and try to draw a scarf.  That is the scarf, down at the lower left of the page.  It’s not a deformed piece of shit.  It just looks like one.

So I asked Pam to make up the sign and decided to drink a beer instead.  Here is her first attempt:

I’m pretty sure I suffered some kind of temporary brain damage – this is the only explanation for my horrible “scarf sign” episode.

Either way – we had a GREEEAT time and met some GREAAT people, and sold tons of stuff!  Our next sale is in October – JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN!!!


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August 31, 2011

I REFUSE TO ACCEPT that August is over.  In the interest of keeping summer alive, I chose to wear this RETINA-MELTING shirt with a virtual miniskirt and bare legs.  SUCK ON THAT, September.

Oh, did I mention that this is a vintage Christian Dior silk shirt in mint condition that I got for 5 dollars?  September is also welcome to suck on that information, too.

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I’m unexpectedly looking for an apartment, and it’s pretty ball-sacky.  You’d think that an extremely employed, extremely clean, extremely polite girl wouldn’t have a problem finding something that doesn’t have feces stains on the walls.  You’d THINK that, wouldn’t you?

Once I select my new pad, I’ll give you the DL on the experience, but for now, I’ll just say that landlords mostly suck and appear to have a strangle-hold on the city.  If they had their way, every apartment would be occupied by middle-aged hairless non-smoking albino women with no pets who cannot speak or hear.  AND who adore living in feces stains.

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August 29, 2011

I’ll tell you all about the Shoebox sale, etc. tomorrow!  For today, be appeased by my extremely boring neutral suit.  This morning I thought to myself:

“Dude, you have to wear that short-sleeved suit jacket one more time before Labour Day.”

So I did.  Beige and boring.  Exactly how I’m feeling lately. 

Anyways… expect similar “last minute summertime clothing” choices for the rest of the week…

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Monday Afternoon Paul Break

Sometimes, when I’m in a bad mood because I suddenly feel awkward and stupid and ugly, and altogether un-likeable, it makes me smile to think about Paul Newman.

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Me, You See…

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August 25, 2011


Les bleus!  Les verts!  Come c’est jolie!

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August 24, 2011

So I realized lately that summer maaaaaaaaay be approaching it’s end in the next month or so, which means that I have to cycle through all of my “super summery” clothing quickly, or else I won’t be able to wear them.

Hence the reason for busting out the yellow today.  This shirt is cute and has a wicked-cute necktie and everything, but JESUS.  I’m lazy and stupid and boring.  Again – shirt and skirt.  No real effort here.  No style.  Just putting together two pieces of clothing that cover my unmentionables and don’t clash. 

NATALIE!  Get your shit together.  You SUCK.

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Distilled Hipsterdom

Yey for arty video from Lost and Found x Levi’s x BOW launch! Honestly, though – coffee, bikes, Levi’s, PBRs, monotone revival 80’s new-wave music?  It’s like Dundas West exploded all over my face.  And I love it.

Check it out! You can see the shadow of my out-of-focus forehead and red hair at 1:14 mins! Sigh, such a woman-about-town.

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Weekendly Things


Lost and Found x Levi’s x BOW launch.  Wore this and felt obese, especially next to P-Hops in her 6 inch heels and high waisted flares.  I was the oompa-loopma side-kick:

The place FUCKING BLEW UP.  Like, 500 people were smushed in there.  All sweaty-like.  Much to our delight, the the event was almost exclusively comprised of brain-meltingly good looking, fashionable people, most of whom we had never seen before in our lives.  Such a delight in our insular neighbourhood. 

Don’t get me wrong, though, I love my pals.  But new pals are always fun, too!

We also only saw one person that we recognized from Bikes on Wheels, despite the fact that every second person was wearing a BOW tank top.  Which was awesome.  Also, we saw this Linus Dutchi in what APPEARED to be a gorgeous, never-before-seen LAVENDER!??!?  Either that or it was so hot and sweaty in there that my colour perception was starting to get fuzzy. 

Either way, we were classy as ever:


Tried out Keriwa Cafe in Parkdale, a new restaurant that is positioning itself as “Aboriginal Food”… which was intriguing.  It was pretty good, but it seemed a bit formal for the neighbourhood.  The ambiance was way too Yorkville for my taste, what with the back-lit bar and the servers in white shirts with floor-length aprons… they really need to loosen their ties a bit.

The only “aboriginal-ish” components of the evening were an antique tunic on the wall, and a strip of Pendleton-y fabric in the bench seat.

That being said, the service was wonderful (if overly robotic), and the food was pretty good.  Best part of the evening was the cold corn soup:

And my old-timey cocktail was pretty damn tasty:

Whitefish was ok:

Cheese was deelish:

OH, and as we were leaving, they ran over and handed me a little loot bag/gift!!  WHAT COULD IT BE???!?

YUM!  It’s homemade cinnamon buns.  Not sure if that’s aboriginal, but it was damn-ass-poo tasty.


Went babysitting again.  It involved guns…

…princess stickers…


…on my arm…



…and the obligatory screening of Monsters, Inc., Brooke’s favourite movie.

Made it back to town in time to get sexified and head out for a really fun night with the chick crew:

I intentionally tried to amp-up the sexiness due to my oompa-loopatiness on Thursday – but of course, I ended up looking overdone and slutty.  CAN’T I EVER CATCH A BREAK???  First world problems, for sheeeze.


Due to rain, sat inside with the Mollinator, inspecting the smells of things. 

I’m not used to staying inside and doing nothing, so I ended up doing all my laundry, cleaning the whole house, and riding my bike over to Metro during the 1 hour of sunshine we had in order to get fixins for dinner.  I have been obesessed with replicating the Moroccan Chickpea Salad I had at the Pig Roast a couple of weekends ago, so I found the recipe (it’s from Pan Chancho, in my old stomping ground, Kingston), and COOKED THAT SHIT UP.

Onions and spices are gettin’ all simmery and smell like exotic thingamajigs:

Mixed up the chickpeas and chopped mint:

Plop them together with some crushed tomatoes:

Smells like what a spicy Jesus would smell like. Probably:


Sautee up some chicken and onions…

And slap that shit in a pita with some tomato, cheese, and tzatziki.  DAAAAMN BITCH.  Youse one good cooker.

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