March, 2011

March 31, 2011

This is one of my Gordon Gekko suits.  Meaning that I am a disgusting, powerful, sleazy, sexual powerhouse when I wear this suit.  I will DESTROY you in this suit.  Plus, my ass looks pretty sweet.   Boom.

Gordon Gekko "Greed Is Good" Full Speech High… by ForexTradingFortune67

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Tough Life

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March 30, 2011

Two casual days this week… booooo. Although I feel very French today with my creme top and big black silk bow belt. Shirt from Sandro Paris, jeans from Urban Outfitters, and silk belt is vintage:

Can we just stop and reflect for a moment – I am SO GOOD AT TYING BOWS.  Like SO GOOD.  If this were a profession, I would be a millionaire:

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Sick Moves

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Smiles Today

I took a look through my recent posts, and holy ball-licking overdose on pictures of Natalie lately. I’ll simmer down.

In other news, these things were smile-worthy today:

1. Molly was super bouncy this morning and gave me face-licks
2. They played Prince’s Raspberry Beret on the radio on the way to work and jam-jammed like a superstar and I think some guy saw me singing to it on the highway and he laughed.
3. They had banana chips in the cafeteria today and I gorged myself on them.  Mmmmmmmmm banana chips.
4. I had a big piece of chocolate cake for dinner.
5. Even though I suck at dodgeball, all the boys on the team were nice to me when I repeatedly got pummeled.
6. I can’t wait until tomorrow, because we’re having a “Beer and Pizza” party at work, then I’m going to see A-Balls and Holden and watch ANTM with all the chiclets!  Natalie’s dream day.

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Fit to Fly

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March 29, 2011

Ho-hum… I’m feeling a little too conservative this week.  I feel like I look like Mrs. Howell from Gilligan’s Island or something.  Although, my skirt was like 3.00 at Value Village and fits LIKE A GLOVE:

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March 28, 2011

When Natalie has a big ol’ important conferency-meeting thing, the following things tend to happen:

1. A conservative, ho-hum outfit. Yawn:

2. An attempt by Natalie to be slightly rebellious with some rockery ankle boots:

3. Natalie getting a little tipsy on free conference cocktails and taking upside-down pictures of herself in a fancy hotel bathroom two hours later:

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Carefully Edited

Lately, I’ve been trying to not purchase mountains of clothing from vintage stores, because I usually just change my mind later and sell them at our sales… I should probably just save the money up front.  Yesterday, I tried to be veerrrrrry picky when I was vintage shopping, and I’m VERRRRY happy with my careful editing.

First, I got this amazing safari-slash-western white linen dress.  It’s totally comfortable, and (I think), a little bit sex-a-riffic:

Mmmmmmm hmmmmmm:


THEN, I found this weird clip-on girl’s bow tie, which is one of the most amazing finds I think I’ve ever scored.  I mean HOW CUTE IS THIS??


Am I not like a super cute school-girl-slash-librarian-slash-1970’s-business-woman in this thing?  I dare you to disagree with me:

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March 27, 2011

Les balls, I’m being boring this weekend. Although last night I wore the short shorts with my 90’s cross pendant from Austin, which looked cute:

Today I’m wearing plaid and black jeans.  Can you tell I frigging love this belt?  I’m pretty sure I’ve worn it like 6 times this week:

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