February, 2011

Introducing Shanghai Natalie

Time to move straight from the wild, wild West to the crazy, crazy East. Heading to Shanghai tomorrow for about a week and half. Stay tuned!

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Current Obsessions – February


February is a shitty time in the realm of fashion… it’s way too cold to start wearing Spring clothing, and you are so, totally, completely and utterly sick of all of your winter stuff and wearing a huge ugly coat over everything.  I’m already bonering over for a bunch of stuff spring… but essentially, I want to look like Ali Macgraw in the Getaway.  Her and SMQ are HOT F*CKIN SHIT:

Anyways… on that note, here are my obsessions:

Long dresses

Last summer I bought a long cotton jersey dress – it’s awesome.  SO comfortable, and is all clingy in all the right places.  I really like the idea of wearing something that appears really conservative, but is actually super-sexy.  On that note, I bought another long jersey dress from Flippa K at Robber last week.  It’s sex-machine city.

High Waisted Flared Pants

As mentioned in the past, I have a “retro” body type… which basically means that I do not have the body of a 12 year old boy – it’s very hour-glass-y.  This means that low-rise pants make me look fatter, because they camoflauge my small waist and focus on my hips.  High waisted flared pants, on the other hand, make me look awesome.  They highlight my waist and give me a sweet can. 

Nautical Tops

There are a couple of trends that will always, always, always be ‘in for spring’.   And every year, the ‘trends’ are re-released, as if it’s this fantastic new revelation: PASTELS for SPRING?!!!!  FLORALS for SPRING!!??!?!  NAUTICAL for SPRING??!!  Dudes.  it’s the same shit every year.  Calm down.  That being said, I am excited to get a nautical top and wear it with my high-waisted pants.

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Tales of Texas Natalie: Last One, I Swear

I was in Dallas for a couple of days at the end of my trip.  I wasn’t super impressed with the city, not compared to the mind-blowingness of Austin.  HOWEVER, I did have a couple of good experiences.  I’m not a very big deal in either my personal or my professional life, so I don’t really feel comfortable when I get doted-on.  But it still feels nice.

I mentioned to one of the employees at the Austin hotel that I LOVED the spiced pecans and the salted fudge in the delicious amenity they left me on my first day:

When I checked out, there was this black paper bag waiting for me at the Front Desk.  I opened it up and found a little square container filled with the same spiced pecans and salted fudge!


Yey!  I ate them while consuming a HUGE airport beer at the airport.

When I checked into the hotel in Dallas, I discovered that they had upgraded me to a huge suite.  Boom.  Then, I walked in, and saw this:


White and dark chocolate dipped strawberries with a note addressed to me, welcoming me to the hotel.  BRRRRAP!   I decided to pimp out large and consume a beer from the mini bar… in a bubble bath… eating my chocolate-dipped strawberries:


Next day, when I got back to my room after a VERY long day of working, I found this:


Perfectly ripe, perfectly declicious bowl of fruit with apples, pears, plums, strawberries, a clementine… and a big fancy bottle of water.  SIGH… what to do… what to do… BUBBLE BATH!

Second morning, I decidied to order a croissant and coffee from room service.  PIMP:

AND I got French Toast with spiced pecans and caramalized bananas the next morning.  DOUBLE PIMP:

I also had some of the best food of my trip at the fine dining restaurant.  The chef is awesome – she put together this “Serrano Eggs and Ham” for me – basically a quail egg with prosciutto, truffle, and other delicious items:

Then, I had an ancho chili prawn with blue corn:

I also had an AMAZING deconstructed creme brulee… but I forgot to take a pic :(.  It was all extremely good in my belly.  Mmmmmm.

Finally, it was time to head home.  I checked out Saturday morning, and when I got to the front desk, checked out, and asked about calling a cab to take me to the airport.  The girl at the front desk said “Don’t worry, we have the car waiting for you to take you to the airport.”  Meh?  OH, you mean the huge black Navigator with tinted windows and warmed leather seats?  YEAH, THAT CAR.  Complete with spring water and a copy of the New York Times… seeing as I’m such an importany businessy-type person and all.

That’s right.  It’s time to RI-II-I-I-UH-UH-UH-RIDE.

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Tales of Texas Natalie – Days 3 to 5: Vintage Monster and Fried Bananas


I was actually in Texas to work, so when Monday rolled around, I didn’t have nearly as much time chill out, meet people, get drunk and shop.  However, I still found opportunities to enjoy myself. 

I had nothing to do in the evenings, so instead of sitting in my hotel room and watching MTV (which, somehow, has even more vapid tween masturbatory content in the US than it does in Canada), I decided to go and walk through the city in the evenings.  It turns out that the only stores that are really open late in the area are Parts and Labour (open until 9:00) and New Bohemia Vintage (open until 10:00 pm every night… for some reason…).  So I essentially spent my evenings trying on weird clothes and taking pictures of myself, like a really cool, popular chick:

You can’t see it really well in the pics, but this shirt actually has images of cowboys chasing Native Americans and shooting at them.  So inappropriate:


This shirt and red hat combo was awesome:

There was so. much. Pendleton.  I considered buying this awesome jacket and potentially selling it when I got back home, but I think I was becoming a bit hypnotized by all of the geometric southwestern awesomeness of everything, so I decided to control myself and left it there (and…. it’s not like I don’t already have enough Pendleton in my damn house):

The one thing I hadn’t really spent time on was shopping for vintage jewellery, so I decided to try and find some stuff.  First, I got this amazing pewter cross:

Then, I saw this AMAZING bolo tie.  Who DOESN”T need a bolo tie?  Answer: Nobody doesn’t need a bolo tie.  As in, everybody needs a bolo tie.  Especially one with a pewter wolf howling at the moon.  So I bought it:


I also saw these totally ridiculous southwestern earrings that are in the same vein – you know, totally classy and conservative: wolf howling at the moon… with leather tassels at the bottom… and bright blue beading.  The only reason I bought them was because they are so totally weird and I didn’t think I would ever find anything like them in Canada:

I also wanted to get something with some turquoise in it.  I imagined that there would be like, buckets and buckets of super-cool turquoise jewellery, but I actually had trouble finding stuff I liked.  I walked away with this turquoise cross:


Note – I’m not religious, so I actually feel a little bit guilty for buying all these crosses as a fashion thing.  But whatever.  You can’t tell me that both of those cross necklaces aren’t AWESOME.

EXHALE.  I swear that’s all I bought (well, maybe two or three other things… that I don’t want to bore you with).  I was a genuine Vintage Monster… so much so, that I actually had to buy another bag and ship it to myself in Canada because I didn’t have room in my luggage.  Yes.  It’s embarrassing how much of a disgusting consumer I am.  I’m gross.

I didn’t JUST buy stuff while I was there, I swear.  I also had some great dining experiences in the evening… my favorite was this place called Ranch 616 on the East end of 6th Street (which I learned was where the non-college-aged people hang out… damn.  Found this out much too late…).  It was essentially a kitschy Tex-Mex slash mid-century slash arty restaurant with some wicked decor:



Best way to store toilet paper EVER:

Anyways, I had a drink called a “Ranch Water” or something like that.  I think it was rum and lime, and then this Mexican mineral water called “Topo Chico”. 

And a coconut-crusted tilapia with fried bananas.  And some fried chocolate pie.  It was SO GOOD:


Anyways, I highly recommend it.  They brought in some hard-core country band for a fun set, and the bartenders/servers were all super hot hipstery men with denim chambray shirts and hot tattoos and shit like that.  Fried pie, stuffed bison heads, Mexican mineral water, and hot boys?  What more can I girl ask for?



Allllright.  That concludes my trip to Austin… I was on my way to Dallas the next morning.  Austin, I love you.  Let’s make out the next time I visit.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about my trip to Dallas.  I do not want to make out with Dallas.  However, I did get treated like a PIIIIIMP so stay tuned.

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Don’t Give Yourself Away

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Crazy Cute Sexy-Ass Librarian Sexiness…

…apparently costs one arm + one leg.  Whatever.  It was worth it.

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Tales of Texas Natalie – Day Two: Broke in the Afternoon

Alright.  Let’s get down to business.  Yesterday I had done a quick scan of the stores in the area, but I was a bit overwhelmed at the number of stores and the amount of STUFF everywhere.  Despite the fact that I pulled my forearm muscles carrying home my bags of vintage finds the day before… I felt I still had a lot of ground to cover.

First, I went to a small boutique down a side street called “Feathers”.  It wasn’t as big as some of the other vintage stores in the area, but it all of the clothing in there was extremely well-collected.  Amazing stuff that was wearable and still very different.   I bought a pearl-snap cowboy shirt and a yellow silk utility top.  My only issue with this store was the salespeople.  I’m trying not to be too judgemental, but those chicks were fucking bitches.  For real.


Then, I went to this other store… I forget the name now, but they also had a huge selection.  Lots of great men’s stuff, including about 30 Members Only jackets that were SICK:


Then – back to New Bohemia Vintage.  It’s huge.  There’s tons of shit.  This is what I walked out with:

90’s floral dress:

Plaid calf-length skirt:

ANOTHER pair of cowboy boots.  I know.  I’m ridiculous.  But they were 30 DOLLARS and they are amazing:


I also found some fun kids’ stuff… I wanted to find a cute kid’s western shirt for my freinds Aidan and Sean, but tragically… all they had was this conservative, full-suede, bright red child’s Lederhosen:

And this full-body, replica NASCAR “Team Shell” coveralls for babies.  Complete with rough and jagged  metal ‘zipper-of’death’:


FINALLY… my absolute favorite purchase of the whole trip… was this ridiculous, 80’s southwestern Jordache flannel shirt:


Sigh.  Packed that shit up and started walking back to the hotel.  However… I had one more stop to make.  Earlier that day I saw a long floral dress in the window of a boutique called “Creatures“.  It’s not vintage, it’s new, but for some reason I became obsessed with it and had this hankering to go and try it on.  Fortunately for me, I met Phia, the salesperson, whose super-friendly awesomeness helped convince me that I should buy it.  Now all I have to do is go to Coachella and wear it with a braided twine headband and Hunter boots, and I’ll fit right in:

Phia is awesome!

Alright.  Next couple of posts will close up my trip to Texas.  Tomorrow, my last few vintage purchases (maybe including a bolo tie…), and some some delicious meals.  Lastly, I’m going to post on the BIG-ASS PIMPIN’ treatment I got when I headed over to Dallas…

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Las Palmas

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Tales of Texas Natalie – Day Two: Drunk in the Morning

After the late night dud on 6th last night, I took a bubble bath and sank into my goose down duvet with lavender scented sheets… mmmmm… very nice.  But all that softness made it difficult to get out of bed the next morning, so I woke up realizing it was almost lunchtime, and I had to get going.

Threw on my new black motorcycle-slash-cowboy boots and stomped through the lobby out the front door.  Dude.  It was about 23 degrees, sunny, a soft breeze was rolling off of the lake.  Sigh.   Pulled out my supa-cool Ray-Ban Aviators and started looking for somewhere to eat.  I saw a bunch of cafes and restaurants on SoCo the day before, and right now a picnic table and beer sounded pretty damn good.

I ended up at this place called Doc’s MotorWorks… granted, it was pretty cheesy, but they had the best patio in town.  Really big and right in the sun.  And they had about 40 beers on tap.  I got a local wheat beer and took a look at the menu. 

The server made fun of me when I didn’t know what a “queso” was.  A queso is basically a cross between a taco and melted cheese nachos.  So… imagine Natalie, all by herself, sitting at a picnic table with a huge beer and basically a big bowl of melted cheese in front of her.  I felt pretty pathetic.  Whiiiiiiich meant that I ended up drinking a bit faster than I ordinarily would (which is pretty damn fast to start with…), and after my third beer I realized I was drunk.  BUT, feelin’ pretty awesome.  Here is a summary of my thoughts:

“Everyone on this patio is looking at me like I”m a loser.  I’ll pretend to do something on my iPhone.  I will take pictures with my Hipstamatic app.  HA HA!  Everyone thinks I’m super important with lots of friends!”

“My new boots are so awesome.”

This queso is so awesome.”

“Beer and queso and chips and sun are all so totally awesome.”

Yeah.  Three beers later, I’m in the bathroom and I see myself in the mirror and I remember thinking “AW YEAH!  My hair looks so good today!  Take a picture!”   Yeah.

I know I’m milking this quite a bit, but I guess the romance of the sun and heat, and the fact that I was alone and felt very unencumbered, and the fact that Austin is so totally awesome… made everything I saw seem so happy and positive and overwhelmingly emotional.

Anyhoo, as the afternoon started to hit, I walked past Guero’s, this big taco restaurant with an outdoor area for live music.  Again… such a fun, positive scene.  Check out the boys in hats saddlin’ up to the bar:


I took a couple of videos like a wierd creeper… but COME ON – check out the guys in cowboy hats chillin’, and that old couple dancing in the background:

Then I saw these adorable kids dancing on the wall in front of the concert area.  So cute.  That one kid caught me filming him and I think he got creeped out…

…that was my sign to stop festering and drinking like a creepy weirdo and go vintage shopping again.  Let me tell you.  I did some damage.  Check back tomorrow to see a run down of my AMAZING purchases…

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New Wall Jewellery

Found this great Neil Young poster from a concert in Italy… the artist turned out to be pretty awesome and he had a couple of other fun goodies, too, so I got the Black Keys one to balance ‘er out.  Yey!

I kind of want this PJ Harvey one, too…

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