Vintage Love

I want to be this.

I decided that for fall I am going to be Michelle Phillips in the 70’s.  Why?  SEE PICTURE ABOVE.  She is mega-cool.  Jeez.  Floral maxi dress with blazer?  Oh yes.  Big ol’ heeled boots?   Uh, yes.  HAIR IN BRAIDED GERMAN BUNS????  So many kinds of unadulterated yesses.  For additional coolness evidence, please see the picture below:


YEAH WHATEVER.  Just like some kind of cool Girl Scout leader or some shit being all cool and 70’s.  At first I thought maybe she was chewing on a bean in this photo but that seems somewhat unlikely, so I’m going to go with super-cool hand-rolled cigarette.


I shall leave you with this:


Coolest.  Ever.

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Some Vintage Stuff

Stumbled upon a yard sale this weekend with tons of vintage jewelry.  Here are the things I bought:

Pearl collar from Japan.

Some kind of cut stone pendant rimmed in oxidized gold. Or likely fake gold.  Yeah, probably fake gold.

I also bought this weird dangly turquoise thing.  It’s either really really ugly or really cool.

Molly was super interested.



Also got some clothes that I really really like:

  1. Red peasant top from Mexico;
  2. Silk Salvatore Ferragamo dress shirt from the 70’s;
  3. High waisted rust pants that make me feel like I’m Diane Keaton;
  4. Cotton fluffy skirt with zig-zags.

Molly was super interested:

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August 20, 2012

Wearing all that vintage stuff last week re-engergized my desire to go buy more vintage, so on the weekend I went out and I bought more vintage.  HA!

How much do you like my dress?  HOW MUCH? SO MUCH?  I know.  Me too.  I am a 1970’s hippie-greek goddess.

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August 17, 2012

Outfit a Day Special Edition – VINTAGE WEEK!

Last day of vintage week!  Are you sad?  I am not, because it means I can wear my WICKED NEW DRAPEY SILK TRENCH BLAZER next week.  Just saying.

Anyways, it’s casual day today so I thought my jersey maxi skirt would be acceptable.  Got it at Value Village for like 6 bucks.  My poo-green silk shell was from a church thrift store in Austin, and my scarf was from some vintage store in Toronto, I forget where. 

I realized that this maxi skirt hugs my bum very nicely, and basically makes me look about 10 pounds skinnier than I am, so get ready to see me in it ALL THE F-ING TIME.

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August 16, 2012

Outfit a Day Special Edition – VINTAGE WEEK!

OK, so I cheated a little bit today, but with good cause.  This vintage floral silk blazer that I procured for about $1.50 has been hanging around my closet for about 3 years and I haven’t been able to figure out how to incorporate it into a “normal person” wardrobe.  I even put it in one of our sales last year, and Tami took on the challenge of figuring ‘er out, but she promptly came back with it, indicating its “Crazy-Cat-Lady-Hawaii” print is just a bit too much for day-to-day wear.

So, today I forced myself to wear it.  Because it is so “particular”, I felt I had to wear it with some relatively tame jeans and a black tank.  Do you forgive me for cheating?  Guess what?  I don’t really care.

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August 15, 2012

Outfit a Day Special Edition – VINTAGE WEEK!

Ok, so I’m having way more fun with this than I thought I would.  Last night I started trying to figure out what I had for the rest of the week that was vintage and wearable in a work environment and basically had a fashion show for myself and Molly where I tried on a whole bunch of 100% vintage outfits.  I was going to take pictures of my “outfit evolution”, but my face looked all busted due to face-ugliness and lack of makeup.  TOO BAD FOR YOU.

Anyways, it kind of forces you to use things that you don’t necessarily think of.  I started with this vintage floral Oscar de la Renta blouse, and tried on a few different skirts before realizing I had this vintage olive skirt which basically fits me like a sexy butt-glove.  Then I had fun trying to do some pattern mixing with the scarf.

HEEE HEE HEE it was so fun.  In conclusion: I am a boring loser who spends her Tuesday nights trying on clothing for her dog.

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August 14, 2012

Outfit a Day Special Edition – VINTAGE WEEK!

OK so day two was challenging because I wanted to wear this high-necked silk top with poufy sleeves but it’s like, REALLY vintagey looking, like “bordering on looking weird” vintagey looking, like “I stepped out of an 80’s movie about business women” vintagey looking.  So I had to neutralize the vintageyness with something relatively innocuous… BUT it had to be vintage (due to self-imposed, aforementioned challenge).  Most of my vintage bottoms are skirts.  So – creme skirt seemed to work? 

I’m mostly worried because I’m about 5 pounds too lardy for this skirt and I *think* you can kind of see through it.  So far no one has informed me that they can see my panties, but it’s not even lunch yet.

Silk blouse is from Penny Arcade for $7.00, skirt is from Goodwill for about $3.00.  Necklace is from antique market, and shoes are not vintage because women in the past had Barbie feet and I do not.

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August 13, 2012

Outfit a Day Special Edition – VINTAGE WEEK!

A discussion with Aidan over the weekend has prompted me to try a little harder with my outfits.  The outfit-creating lobe in my brain has been seriously under-utilized lately, mostly because I’m bored with life and it’s really easy to use that as an excuse to do everything badly.  That and all the humidity has made me feel pretty much like a turgid boiled sausage every day, and it’s really really not fun to dress a turgid boiled sausage.

SO, to shake things up I’m doing a special edition week of O.A.D. in which I basically try to wear pretty much 100% vintage to see how that shit turns out.  Will I look like a dirty hobo?  WILL I????  Tune in to find out.

Today – silk day dress was procured at Penny Arcade for $13.00 and my big chunky bracelets are all vintage from goodwill or antique markets.  Only non-vintage are my shoes (sorry but vintage pumps are only available in size 5.5 for some reason), and my belt.

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The Big Step

This film, shot in 1958 on 8mm film, shows Parkdale at Queen and Jameson, literally feet from my house.  Many of the buildings are the same, but now, instead of well-dressed men and women walking arm-and-arm, you’ll find men in chicken-stained Affliction tank tops and junkies. Les balls. Things were so much cooler in the past.

Also, at the 6:20 ish mark, there is a chair in their living room that is basically an exact replica of two vintage armchairs I’ve refinished. ALSO, the bathroom has the exact same tiles as my bathroom. OLD THINGS!

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Dirndl Decision

For those of you who question my Internet omnipotence, observe.

In my obsessive search for a German Dirndl to wear for my Oktoberfest trip this fall, I discovered that when buying a Dirndl, you have three real options:

  1. Buy a fetishist Dirndl costume made from flame-retardant plastic and feathers for $19.99 at the Stag Shop.
  2. Buy a new authentic Dirndl online for $300 +; or

Option 3 above is obviously the one I decided to go with.  I scoured craigslist for a few weeks waiting for my time to pounce on a vintage or used Dirndl, and my obsessiveness quickly paid off.

I managed to find an old German couple out in Mississauga selling TWO, count ’em, TWO authentic German Dirndls in PERFECT condition.  I negotiated them down to $110.00 for both, kept one and gave one to one of the other girls in my Oktoberfest crew.



She’s a couple of sizes too big, but I’m a whiz with the ol’ sewing machine.  I’m also going to shorten it to be sluttier.


I celebrated my dominance over the world with a huge dinner composed exclusively of cheese, spicy meats, and salty things.

Incidentally, did you know that deviled eggs are fucking delicious?  I totally forgot they existed and now I eat about 25 a day.

Also, here is some cheese.

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